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                  She nervously waited, eyes closed, kneeling. "Come here" he commanded in that voice of his that made her knees week and her heart skip a beat.              She stood and slowly walked to him. "Close your eyes" he said. With her eyes closed, she felt his hands on her neck, oh those big, strong hands that have touched her on every part of her body.

             He slipped something around her neck and fastened it. She inhaled deeply, knowing exactly what he had just done. Accepting the implications,   she knew what was now expected. Her life had changed at that moment,          the moment she accepted his collar...

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Two-strand Pearl and Sterling Silver necklace. 

Inside length: 15"

Outer length: 18"

Total length with clasp: 20.5"

This stunning set can be worn together at the ceremony and used separately for the reception. It is made with Sterling Silver jewelry wire and a Sterling Silver S-Clasp with a Moonstone embellishment. (Moonstone brings calming energy, peace and inner balance) 

The necklace is adorned with Swarovski Pearls, Fresh water Pearls and a 1.5" drop with two Pearls and a Swarvoski Crystal.

The collar is White Leather 3/4" X 18-22" with an adjustable ribbon closure,

8 Aurora Borealis rivets

4 Filigree adornments

1 Crystal Aurora Borealis round 

*This is a one-of-a-kind*   SOLD. NO LONGER AVAILABLE



This beautiful set can be worn together or separate for various occasions including the ceremony and/or the reception for a different look.


Gold and White Swarvoski Pearls on a 23" Sterling Silver jewelry wire with an Antique Tear-drop Pearl and a magnetic Rhinestone clasp.

The White Leather collar is 3/4" X 18-22" with an adjustable ribbon closure

12 Aurora Borealis Crystal rivets

6 Swarovski crystal bi-cone adornments

The Pendant has a 2" drop

sold. no longer available

*This is one-of-a-kind*  sold.



This is available in many colors and is perfect for a Bride and/or Bridesmaids.

3/4" X 13.5-15" adjustable White Leather collar with:

2 Filigree scrolls

Purple & Black Crystal rivets 

The Heart Pendant is a 1" faceted Swarovski Crystals Wild Heart in Tanzanite with a Sterling Silver Antique shield holding it.




The perfect accessory for any occasion 

3/4" X 18-22" White Leather Collar with an adjustable ribbon closure

6 Black Crystal studs

8 Aurora Borealis crystal rivets

2" drop Precious Stone pendant

2 Sterling Silver ribbon closures  SOLD. NO LONGER AVAILABLE