She nervously waited, eyes closed, kneeling. "Come here" he commanded in that voice of his that made her knees week and her heart skip a beat.              She stood and slowly walked to him. "Close your eyes" he said. With her eyes closed, she felt his hands on her neck, oh those big, strong hands that have touched her on every part of her body.

             He slipped something around her neck and fastened it. She inhaled deeply, knowing exactly what he had just done. Accepting the implications,   she knew what was now expected. Her life had changed at that moment,          the moment she accepted his collar...

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(100-030)  3/4"X 13"-15" Adjustable Black Leather Collar with Crystal rivets, silver studs and a 1" round crystal pendant. The 2-strand, Sterling Silver jewelry wire necklace (15"&17") and is embellished with Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, silver adornments and a 1.5" X 3/4" Black Onyx pendant. Magnetic closure. This can be worn 3 ways: Collar alone- necklace alone- Collar & necklace together. ONE OF A KIND